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Personal Profiles & Reflections


A Profile is like a mini biography or autobiography that is put on the plot record of a person once they have passed away. Profile information can be prepared easily using the attached Profile Form(DOC, 32KB).

The Profile Form may be completed by people while they are alive or by family or friends after a loved one has passed away.

Completing a Profile for a loved one

Profile information should be submitted to Council in digital format. It can be emailed to [email protected]. The e-mail should be titled ‘Mersey Vale Cemetery Web Site – Profile’.

Completing your own Profile

If you complete a Profile for yourself this can be published posthumously on your plot record on our web site. To do this you should leave the appropriate Profile information together with instructions for it to be passed on to the Devonport City Council, with your will/legal papers. Profile information needs to be submitted to Council in digital format  along with the appropriate signed hard copy form.

My Reflections

‘My Reflections is a free style written narrative about one’s impressions, feelings or thoughts. These documents are submitted to Council posthumously and put on a person’s plot record. For more information about submitting a ‘My Reflections piece please see the attached ‘My Reflections Form’(DOC, 31KB).

Please note that Profiles, My Reflections and Plaque images will only be available for viewing if these have been submitted and published on our website. If this is the case, clicking on the appropriate underlined word will activate the link and enable you to see the document you are interested in.