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Dame Enid Lyons Trust Fund

The ‘Dame Enid Lyons Trust Fund’ provides immediate personal relief to individual residents of Devonport to alleviate suffering, distress, misfortune, poverty, illness, destitution and helplessness. …

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Devonport Community Garden

  The Devonport Community Garden is an initiative of Devonport Community House through consultation with the public and was initially sponsored by Housing Tas.Got a …

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Devonport Community House

The purpose of Devonport Community House is to build capacity in the local area. It has three goals: Building Community Supporting People and their Families …

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Devonport Recreation Centre

The Devonport Recreation Centre is run by Devonport City Council and caters for a diverse range of sporting groups as well as schools and the …

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Diamonds of Devonport

International Women’s Day Devonport City Council will once again celebrate International Women’s Day with Diamonds of Devonport. Since its inception in 2012, Diamonds of Devonport …

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Disability Services

If you’re living with a disability in Devonport, the services and resources we provide can make a big difference to your quality of life. We’re …

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East Devonport Community House

At East Devonport Community House we believe in providing choices to our community so they can ‘squeeze the most out of life’. We are the …

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East Devonport Recreation & Function Centre

The East Devonport Recreation & Function Centre features a sports stadium and volleyball court facilities.  It is suitable for a wide range of sports including: …

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Should you feel the need to move your loved one from their final resting place, there are requirements to do this under the Burial and …

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Families & Children

Building a Family Friendly City The Council recognises that all children deserve a good start in life and children and their families play an integral …

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