Noise can be a problem, particularly in urban areas. It should not create a nuisance for other people. Noise from residential properties that unreasonably interferes with a person’s enjoyment of the environment through its volume, intensity and/or duration can result in penalties being imposed.

If you are going to create noise, you should make sure that you do not breach the requirements of the Environmental Management and Pollution Control (Noise) Regulations 2016 and the Environmental Management and Pollution Control Act 1994.

Prohibited hours and restrictions of operation

Regulations about the permitted hours of use for particular types of vehicles, machinery, equipment, heat pumps, and music for further information can be found on the EPA website.

Noise Complaints

Excessive noise can be considered an environmental nuisance and is legislated under the Environmental Management and Pollution Control Act 1994.

Further information can be found on the EPA website.

Who deals with noise Complaints

Noise pollution or nuisance is generally investigated by Council’s Environmental Health Officers during normal office hours and Tasmania Police after hours and on weekends.  You also have the option of calling the Environmental Protection Authority for repeated noise issues.

How to make a Complaint

A complaint must be in writing and include the address where the noise is coming from, be able to describe the sort of noise, its volume, duration and other relevant information. You should also attempt to keep a history, log or diary of the noise, as this will assist the Authorised Officers investigation and may be considered evidence in some cases.

What will Council do about the Noise

When dealing with noise complaints Council strongly encourage both parties to discuss the issue before becoming involved.  Sometimes the creator of the noise does not even realise that they are causing a problem and the matter can often be resolved at this point without Council or police involvement.

Council Officers will first attempt to discuss the issue with the other party.  If negotiations fail or the noise nuisance continues then Council will take whatever action deemed necessary under the Act.

In some circumstances, Council may require the complaint attendance in court.

For further information or advice you can contact Council’s Environmental Health team on 03 6424 0511.

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