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Graffiti Removal

Graffiti is removed by Council in public areas and from Council owned property.

Devonport City Council’s graffiti management program includes:

  • Removal of reported offensive graffiti within 48 hours
  • Scheduled cleaning of specified sites and Council buildings
  • Regular patrols and removal of graffiti from Council owned property and public spaces

Graffiti Prevention

Property owners can take a number of steps to prevent graffiti and make removal easier, such as:

  • Avoid large, blank surfaces such as a solid colourbond fence as this provides a ‘canvas’ for graffitists. Instead use picket fencing, bar fencing (eg pool or wrought iron fencing), metal cyclone fencing or natural materials (eg bamboo or bush reed).
  • Plant vegetation such as climbers, thorny shrubs or trees to break up surfaces and prevent access to walls or fencing.
  • Improve lighting as a well lit area promotes surveillance and deters vandalism.
  • Maintain your property. A property not kept free from litter, weeds and unrepaired damage may attract graffitists and vandalism.
  • Paint walls and fences with dark coloured paint as graffitists usually target light-colour surfaces. It is also easier to paint over graffiti with a dark colour paint than with a light colour paint. Keep extra paint in the same colour for easy repainting of walls and fences.
  • Secure your property with adequate locks, fences and gates and ensure items such as wheelie bins and barbecues can’t be used to reach walls and rooftops.
  • Prompt removal of graffiti (within 24 to 48 hours) will discourage repeat graffiti.