Food Security

Devonport Food Connection Project

The aim of the Devonport Food Connection is to develop and implement realistic, local solutions to improve long term food security in the region.

There is an undeniable connection between eating healthy food and being able to fully participate in community life, at the moment for many reasons some in our community aren’t eating enough fresh, healthy food.

In fact, only 7% of Devonport eat the recommended daily intake of vegetables.

The Devonport Food Connection is being run by the Food Connection Network, which involves the Devonport City Council, Devonport Community House, East Devonport Community House, Heavens Kitchen and Tas Medicare Local.

Everyone, in all aspects of life in Devonport, can and should play a role in this project.

Devonport Food Connection

If we eat healthy food, we’ll all become healthier and healthy communities are vibrant communities with the ability to thrive and reach their full potential.

The three objectives to be achieved by the project are:

  • Objective (1) Healthy food choices are made easily by improving skills amongst community members to access and use nutritious affordable food.
  • Objective (2) Maximise the supply and distribution of affordable local produce through improved connections with local growers / suppliers, business and consumers.
  • Objective (3) Strengthen institutional and network capacity to support a culture of healthy eating.

Supported by the Australian Government through Primary Health Tasmania.