COVID-19 Impact Assistance Grants

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Tasmanian Premier declared a State of Emergency on 19 March 2020 with widespread legal restrictions being imposed Nationwide to limit the spread of the virus, including limitations on social movements and temporary closure or adaptation of business and services to reduce social contact.

Devonport City Council acknowledges that a number of local community and sporting organisations within the Devonport local government area have been financially impacted by the pandemic and has allocated funds to financially assist those impacted.

Grant Rounds


Outcome timeframes 

COVID-19 Impact Grants Round one

Up to $2,500

Applications close 5p.m. 30 September 2020

COVID-19 Impact Grants Round Two


Up to $2,500

Applications close 5p.m. 28 February 2021

Who can apply?

Any not for profit community organisations or association that is legally constituted as an incorporated body or under the auspice of one, that:

  • Operate within the Devonport local government area;
  • Can demonstrate the financial impacts of COVID-19 on their operations;
  • no debt to Council or have entered into scheduled payment arrangements with Council which are being met.

a community organisation is not a legal not-for-profit entity or recognised by the Australian Taxation Office as a not-for profit type, the application must be auspiced and administered by such a group.

Who Cannot apply?

Applications cannot be made by:

  • Government agencies or departments of local, state or federal government,
  • Educational, religious or medical organisations, where the application is for the organisation’s core business, or
  • Businesses.

Eligibility for funding

To be eligible for funding, applicants must demonstrate and provide evidence of financial loss as a result of events/programs/activities/sporting rosters being impacted due specifically as a result of COVID-19 limitations or restrictions. 

Projects not eligible for funding

  • Community organisations who already receive Council funds to undertake a specific activity for which funding is being sought, or community organisations wanting to do a specific activity that is already funded by Council

It should be noted that meeting the eligibility criteria is not a guarantee of funding.


The online application form is available here and must be completed in the prescribed manner, by Wednesday, 30 September 2020. 

Applications will be acknowledged within five working days. If acknowledgement is not received, please contact:  

Application Requirements

  • Eligibility,
  • Organisation details,
  • Certificate of Incorporation,
  • Certificate of Liability,
  • Previous grants received, specifically related to assist with COVID-19 (if applicable from Federal, State and/or Local Government),
  • Details of impact to organisation,
  • Proof of lost income (based on previous year’s financial records).


Grants are assessed by Council’s Financial Assistance Working Group, which includes Councillors and Council Management.
In some instances, part-funding may be offered.

Panel recommendations for the payment of grants are reported to Council for endorsement.

Completed applications will be assessed and prioritised, the panel will then make their recommendations to the Council for endorsement. The Council’s decision is final, and no further correspondence shall be entered into. Once endorsed by Council the applicants will be informed of their success or otherwise.


Grants program funds must be claimed by the date nominated on the letter of offer, except where an extension has been granted.

If the applicant is being auspiced, payment will be made to the auspicing organisation.

Acknowledgement and Promotion 

As a condition of funding, successful applicants are required to actively and publicly acknowledge Council’s support.
In addition, funding recipients must also ensure that Council’s positive reputation is maintained at all times.

This may include (but not limited to) any of the following:

  • Acknowledgement of the Devonport City Council in press air and press advertising
  • Acknowledgement of Council at award presentations and launches etc.
  • Acknowledgement of Council in media releases,
  • Acknowledgement of Council in social media pre, during and post activity.

Applicant Support

For further information or help completing the application, please contact Council’s Community Services Administration Officer.

Phone: 03 6424 0511
Note: Office hours are 8.30 am – 5.00 pm, Monday – Friday (excluding public holidays).