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Dame Enid Lyons Trust Fund

The ‘Dame Enid Lyons Trust Fund’ provides immediate personal relief to individual residents of Devonport to alleviate suffering, distress, misfortune, poverty, illness, destitution and helplessness. The Fund seeks to provide necessary support for those who have found it difficult to access funds through other means.

Requests can be made by affected individuals or an organisation can do so on an individual’s behalf.  Donations to the fund are also welcomed.  Please contact the Community Services team on 03 6424 0511 for further information.

It was originally established as the ‘Widow’s Trust Fund’, from monies raised from Dame Enid Lyons memoir, So We Take Comfort, the funds were aimed at supporting disadvantaged individuals.

The ‘Widow’s Trust Fund’ was deemed no longer necessary and was officially wound up in the late 1970’s. Remaining funds and responsibility for administering the funds was transferred to Council and governed by the Deed of Trust, known as the City of Devonport Mayor’s Fund.

In August 2009 the ‘City of Devonport’s Mayor’s Trust Fund’ was re-established as the ‘Mayor’s Charity Trust Fund’, and in October 2016 as the ‘Dame Enid Lyons Trust Fund’ in honour of Dame Enid Lyons upon the centenary of Home Hill in October 2016.

As the wife of Tasmania’s only Prime Minister, Joseph Lyons, the mother of 11 children, the first women elected to the House of Representatives and only the second woman to be appointed a Dame of the Order of Australia, Dame Enid’s legacy is that of a remarkable woman.

The Trust also provides a sound platform for the community to channel fundraising efforts.

The Trustee for the Dame Enid Lyons Trust Fund. Address: 137 Rooke Street, Devonport, TAS, 7310. The Trustee for the Dame Enid Lyons Trust Fund is registered as an Income Tax Exempt Charity and is registered as a charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission. ABN: 80 314 243 540