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Live and Learn

Devonport Community Live and Learn Strategy

Council adopted the Devonport Community Live and Learn Strategy and an associated Live and Learn Steering Group in 2015

The Strategy, developed by over 150 representatives from the education, community, industry, youth and government sectors, aims to improve the learning, training and employment outcomes for the community, establishing a solid foundation of life-long learning which is expected to influence the future development, enterprise and innovation in the region.

The group’s roles and responsibilities are as follows:

  • Ensure strategic direction is aligned with the goals, objectives and actions of the Live and Learn Strategy
  • Develop, implement and review annual action plans that deliver on the goals and objectives of the Live and Learn Strategy
  • Ensure working groups and projects make good use of assets and is making sensible financial decisions
  • Assist with resolving strategic level issues and risks
  • Assess progress and reports on progress to partners and the general community
  • Provide advice and guidance on issues in relation to learning for all
  • Provide advice and guidance on opportunities that will improve learning for all
  • Use influence and authority to assist in achieving outcomes and advocating for learning for all
  • Pursue options to resource implementation of Live and Learn Strategy actions (partnerships, sponsorship, grants etc.)
  • Review and evaluate actions, objectives and goals.

Members of the Live and Learn Steering Group include representatives from:

  • The University of Tasmania
  • The Peter Underwood Centre for Educational Attainment
  • Libraries Tasmania
  • Devonport Community House

The Steering Group coordinate an annual month-long event the “Festival of Learning” which runs during the month of September each year. The Festival celebrates the many learning opportunities available in Devonport.