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Disability Services

If you’re living with a disability in Devonport, the services and resources we provide can make a big difference to your quality of life. We’re working with local people with disabilities, families, carers, service providers and support organisations to make Devonport a more inclusive, more welcoming community.

Disabled Parking

Holders of Disabled Parking Permits are entitled to increased parking timeframes, when the permit holder is leaving the vehicle & the permit is correctly displayed within the parked vehicle.

Time Zones

  • 5 Minute Time Zone – stay for a total of 30 minutes
  • 30 Minute Time Zone – stay for a total of two hours
  • 1+ Hour Time Zone – stay for twice the duration of the time zone

Metered On Street Parking

  • Pay for one hour and stay for a total of two hours

Designated Disability Parking Spaces (both on-street & within Council car parks)

  • On Street  –  Park for the time indicated on the sign. If there is no parking meter, it is free. 
  • In Carpark – purchase a voucher for time parked.  Edward St Carpark and Formby Road Carpark both have a 3 hour limit so pay for 3 hours and park up to 6 hours.