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The General Cemetery

Historic and heritage value

The town of Devonport did not have a major cemetery until the opening of the ‘New General Cemetery’ late in the year 1922. Prior to this, the deceased were interred at one of the three small Torquay burial grounds, the Bluff Cemetery or at either of the two small cemeteries at the Don.

This cemetery is located in the City’s outer precinct and it is the largest of the three cemeteries in this area (the others being St Olave’s and the Congregational Cemetery).

StatusClosed to further burials except under exclusive existing burial rights
 Local/State/National Significance Local significance
 Title Details/Lot No 
 Address44 Lawrence Drive, Devonport
 Public Open Space ClassificationSub regional, family/social/recreational
 Cemetery TypeMonumental
 First Recorded Burial1922, Lizzie Taylor
 Number of Recorded Burials1743 known – difficult to ascertain due to missing and deterioration of headstones
 Number of ReservationsSeveral


Council has developed a Master Plan as a guiding document for the development and management of the cemetery that outlines 11 actions to be undertaken to 2031.

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