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St Olave’s Anglican Cemetery

Historic and heritage value

St Olave’s Anglican Church was built in 1877 in the centre of the old settlement and was later relocated, by a team of bullocks, to its present location in 1901. The ground around the church was immediately used as a burial ground, with the first known burial being Irene Cole (aged 9 months) on 10 January 1902. In 1960 a decision was made by the Devonport Parish to restore the building. It remains in a good condition with some headstones still remaining in the surrounding burial ground.

This is the smallest of the cemeteries located in the city’s outer precinct.

Status  Closed to further burials except under existing exclusive burial rights
 Local/State/National Significance  Permanently Registered/Tasmanian Heritage Register
 Title Details/Lot No/Heritage Register Ref  Title 124726/2 Property ID 6347515

Title 124726/1 Property ID 6347515

 Address  200 Stony Rise Road, Devonport
 Public Open Space Classification Sub regional, family/social/recreational
 Cemetery Type Monumental
 First Recorded Burial 1902, Irene Cole
 Number of Recorded Burials Unknown – difficult to ascertain due to missing and deterioration of headstones
 Number of Reservations Nil
 Denominations/parish Heritage Trustees of the Diocese of Tasmania