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Historic and heritage value:

The Congregational Cemetery/Don Cemetery is a small burial ground, with the older headstones dating from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

The cemetery is one of the oldest in Tasmania. At rest in this historical patch of ground are many of the Don pioneers – many of whom were the original pioneers of the City of Devonport and its surrounding district.

The cemetery occupies one acre of land, granted by James Fenton in 1864 and contains many headstones and graves of local significance.

Some of the notable people that are buried here include:

  • Members of the Henry family including John Henry CMG – member of Parliament and member of the Australian Federal Convention which framed the Australian Constitution.
  • Henry Carter, A prominent Devonport pioneer and land owner
  • Senator Alexander Lillico
  • Stephen Priest, a prolific builder in Devonport’s early history are also buried at the site.
StatusClosed to further burials except under existing exclusive burial rights
 Local/State/National Significance Permanently Registered/Tasmanian Heritage Register
 Title Details/Lot No/Heritage Register Registered site, ref:R8548, FILE 10-66-80HC 211091/1 Property ID 6388640
 Address207 Stony Rise Road, Devonport
 Public Open Space Classification Sub regional, family/social/recreational
 Cemetery TypeMonumental
 First Recorded Burial17 October 1865, Elizabeth June and Jane Hodgkiss
 Number of Recorded BurialsUnknown – difficult to ascertain due to missing and deterioration of headstones
 Number of ReservationsNil

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Please note that because of the age of the cemetery the records may be incomplete. 

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