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Spirit of the City Award

The ‘Spirit of the City’ Award honour is bestowed upon those visitors to our shores whom have made significant and outstanding contributions to the City of Devonport, over a sustained period of time.  The recipient will have rendered distinctive and meritorious service to the City and displayed at all times a commitment to the betterment and development of the City of Devonport and its citizens.  This eminent service may take the form of, but is not limited to:

  • voluntary service and/or charitable work;
  • contribution to growth and investment opportunities within the municipality;
  • sporting, entertainment or community service and/or achievement.

The recipient will have displayed actions that are considered to be “beyond the normal call of duty”.  A focus on the procurement of benefits, enjoyment, promotion and welfare for the City of Devonport, are achievements reflective of a worthy recipient.

The achievement or contribution of the nominee will be of a lasting and enduring nature, a legacy of advancement, vision, integrity, achievement and participation.

Please also note:

  • Nominations for the “Spirit of the City” Award will be accepted at any time;
  • A written submission detailing the nominees’ demonstrated achievements and service and why they are believed to be worthy of receiving the honour, must be submitted to the General Manager.
  • The name and details of the nominee’s achievements and service shall be referred to the Mayor and General Manager of the day for consideration.  If the nominee is considered to be a laudable candidate for conferral of the Award, the Mayor of the day will arrange for its subsequent bestowal.
  • There is no limit to the number of awards that may be granted by the Council;
  • Nominations that do not gain initial endorsement may be re-submitted after the expiration of a 12 month period, for future reconsideration by Council.

Award Recipients

Year Awarded Winner
2010 Julie Best
2019 Steve Daley
2021 Dr Thomas Sayers
2023 Steven Fisher

Related Information

In 2010, Council bestowed this Award on Ms Julie Best, the first recipient.
In 2019 Steve Daley received the Award.