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Rubbish, Waste & Recycling

information about waste removal for Devonport City [1]

Weekly Rubbish Collection

Domestic Weekly Kerbside Collection Weekly kerbside collection single bin 120-240L, maximum weight 65kg. Overnight service – this means bins are to be placed on the …

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Reporting Litter & Illegal Dumping

Illegal Dumping & Littering Littering and the dumping of goods, including building supplies and garden waste, is illegal. The most common type of litter in …

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Fortnightly Recycling Collection

Domestic Fortnightly Kerbside Recycling Collection Fortnightly kerbside collection – Yellow Lid Recycling bin 240L. Your Recycling bin day is the SAME DAY OF THE WEEK …

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Cradle Coast Waste Management Group

The Cradle Coast Waste Management Group (CCWMG) represents north west Tasmanian municipal areas participating in the voluntary waste levy.  There are five landfills and ten …

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Waste Transfer Station

Council manages the Spreyton Waste Transfer Station, which offers both waste disposal and recycling services.  Location Bay Drive, off Mersey Road, Spreyton Contact Number 03 …

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information about waste removal for Devonport City [6]

Bin Collection Day Map

Check your household waste collection day using the map below. Clicking on the icon at top left on the map to display the legend. Drag …

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Yellow Lid Recycling Bin

Be a good sort.  With a little knowledge and effort, you can keep your Yellow Lid Recycling Bin clean from contamination.  Information provided here, is …

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