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Public lighting

Public Lighting Strategy

Public lighting is a service provided by Devonport City Council on road, paths, car parks and public open spaces.

Council provides around 3,500 lights to roads, car parks and open space.

Council adopted a Public Lighting Strategy in 2015 and has delivered on actions to achieve the objective of that Strategy.

The updated Public Lighting Strategy 2021-26 (can be downloaded by clicking here) has been prepared to further contribute to the completion of objectives and achievement of goals outlined in Council’s Strategic Plan 2009-2030.

The key challenges faced are:

• “Living lightly”, i.e. reducing our environmental footprint
• Managing the cost of public lighting
• Determining and providing the right level of service.

The objectives of the Public Lighting Strategy 2021-26 are reflective of the challenges faced by Council when providing public lighting for the community:

1. Public lighting is environmentally sustainable
2. Public lighting is financially sustainable
3. Public lighting meets the needs of the community.

The Action Plan within the Public Lighting Strategy proposes the activities, timing and resources required to achieve the above objectives and defines the indicators of progress against the objectives.