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Parking Patrols & Fines

Parking in Devonport

Parking Patrols & Fines in Devonport

If you break the road rules or stay too long in a parking spot, you are causing inconvenience to other motorists and you may be fined. Council’s Parking Officers regularly patrol Devonport streets and car parks and have the authority to ensure compliance with the Australian road rules and Council by-laws.

Motorists found to be in breach of the Australian road rules or Car Parking By-Law will be issued with a parking infringement notice. It will either be left on your vehicle or sent to you by mail.

Parking Meter and Car Park Infringements

The penalty amounts are set under the Devonport City Council Car Parking By-law in reference to the Penalty Units and other Penalties Act 1987. As of 01/07/2023 one penalty unit equals $195 so the amount payable of .55 of the set Penalty Unit under the Act is $107. Initial infringement $31 then after 14 day $52 then after a further 14 days $107.


Traffic Infringements

These penalty amounts are set by the regulations under the Traffic Act 1925.   When we receive an infringement notice we 28 days to do one of the following 4 options:-

  • Pay within the prescribed times;
  • Apply for a payment plan;
  • Apply in writing (emailor written) for the withdrawal of the infringement notice; or
  • Lodge a notice of election for a court hearing.

If you don’t do any of these things after 28 days you will be taken to be convicted of the offence set out in the infringement notice and the monetary penalty may be enforced under the Monetary Penalties Enforcement Act 2005.

How long do I have to pay a parking fine?

The parking fine cost increases after 14 days and after a further 14 days increases again.  Please note the time and costs listed on the back of the parking fine.  You have 28 days to finalise the matter and ensure no further action is taken against you.

How do I pay a fine?

  • Internet Click on the link here
  • BPAY – Biller Code 34066, your infringement number is your reference number.
  • Payment Hotline 1300 886 451 Biller Code 34066, your infringement number is your reference number.
  • By Cheque or money order payable to “Devonport City Council” PO Box 604 Devonport TAS 7310.
  • In Person at the paranaple centre, 137 Rooke Street, Devonport.

View your parking infringement

If you have received a parking infringement, you can view the infringement details including photos of your vehicle, to help you choose what action to take to resolve your infringement.

You will need to provide the infringement notice number and vehicle registration number in order to view the details. Visit our view my infringement page and follow the prompts.

Please note that only the original penalty amount will be displayed. If you received a Final Notice with additional costs, and want to know what the outstanding costs are or if you have a question about a specific infringement we recommend you call us on 6424 0511 or email [email protected].

In addition if you wish to contest the infringement please complete the form below.

What if I think the fine is unfair?

If you feel you have been incorrectly penalised you request an Investigation of Parking Infringement Notice

Investigation of Parking Infringement Form

Use this form to request council to investigate your parking infrigement.