Kelcey Tier Wildlife

Kelcey Tier is a natural habitat for a diverse range of native fauna. 

Whilst bush walking or cycling through the Tier be sure to keep an eye out for the following wildlife (and as of August 2019 – the odd wombat): 

Species – Verified Records

Accipiter novaehollandiaeGrey goshawk
Dasyurus maculatus subsp. maculatusSpot-tailed quoll
Engaeus granulatus Central North Burrowing Crayfish
Lathamus discolorSwift Parrot
Perameles gunniiEastern barred bandicoot
Sarcophilus harrisiiTasmanian devil

Fauna – Based on Range Boundaries

Lathamus discolorSwift Parrot
Dasyurus maculatus subsp. maculatuSpot-tailed quoll
Litoria raniformisGrowling grass frog
Prototroctes maraenaAustralian grayling
Ceyx azureus subsp. DiemenensisTasmanian Azure Kingfisher
Pseudemoia pagenstecheriTussock skink
Tyto novaehollandiae subsp. castanopsTasmanian Giant Freshwater Crayfish
Haliaeetus leucogasterWhite-bellied Sea-Eagle
Limnodynastes peroniStriped marsh frog
Galaxiella pusillaDwarf Galaxias
Tyto novaehollandiae subsp. castanopsTasmanian masked owl
Accipiter novaehollandiaeGrey goshawk
Sarcophilus harrisiiTasmanian devil
Perameles gunniiEastern barred bandicoot
Aquila audax subsp. fleayiWedge-tailed eagle
Engaeus granulatusCentral North Burrowing Crayfish
Dasyurus viverrinusEastern quoll

Birds – Based on Range Boundaries

Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo 
Green Rosella 
Superb Fairy-wren 
Tasmanian Scrubwren 
Brown Thornbill 
Spotted Pardalote 
Eastern Spinebill 
Yellow-throated Honeyeater 
New Holland Honeyeater 
Black-headed Honeyeater 
Grey Shrike-thrush 
Grey Fantail 
Forest Raven 
Scarlet Robin 
Common Blackbird 

Frogs – Based on Range Boundaries

Crinia sigiferaCommon eastern froglet
Geocrinia laevisTasmanian smooth frog
Litoria ewingiSouthern brown tree frog

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