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Expression of Interest: Licence to Operate Tourist Train Experience


Expression of Interest: Licence to Operate Tourist Train Experience

Waterfront Park to Bluff Precinct, Devonport

Devonport City Council invites expressions of interest from individuals, service clubs,
commercial and not-for-profit organisations to operate a Tourist Train Experience in Devonport.

Council intend the Tourist Train Experience be based at the newly redesigned waterfront park, however, Council would endorse the attraction operating between the waterfront park and Devonport’s Bluff precinct.

The two are linked by the public road network, and a walking track that is approximately 1mt in width, varying between asphalt and concrete.

This track forms part of the Coastal Pathway, and is a shared with pedestrians, cyclists and other users.


Council anticipates a tourist train will provide a complementary activity at the
waterfront park, in addition provide a useful means of transport for visitors and families between the Bluff precinct and waterfront park.

Council is providing the operator with an exclusive licence. The initial licence period
will be 2-years, free-of-charge. Concluding the initial period, Council reserves the right
to renegotiate, review and/or modify terms, which may include the option to extend, renew, cease, or advertise for a new operator.

All statutory and legal requirements, maintenance and operating costs are the
responsibility of the operator, including but not limited to garaging, ticketing, point-of-sale and staffing.

An operator who will theme an experience relating to Devonport and its history would
be considered an advantage. Likewise, an electric powered vehicle would be
preferred by Council, but not essential.


The Tourist Train Experience is to be based at the waterfront park and potentially operate between the waterfront park and the Bluff precinct.

The newly developed waterfront area consists of a coastal play space, elevated walkway, open space that includes paved, concrete and gravel paths, and a 200-bed hotel.

The Bluff precinct includes a popular beach area, children’s playground, a restaurant and café, and is located adjacent to the Mersey Bluff Caravan Park.

The distance between the two locations is
approximately 2.2km.

map Bluff to Waterfront
Waterfront Park
New Waterfront Park

Prospective operators will need to provide a detailed submission that addresses the
following criteria:

Theme and Style:

Outline the proposed experience, including but not limited to:

  • Style and theme of the experience;
  • Description of the proposed vehicle, including passenger capacity, ability to
    operate in all weather conditions and engine type.
Brief Business Plan:

Include a Business Plan that details:

  • Operator experience;
  • Proposed operating model, including days/hours of operations;
  • Projected fee schedule and passenger numbers;
  • Identified risks and proposals to mitigate risks, including safety of passengers
    and other users of the pathway.

Outline the proposed route and risks of vehicle access associated with the proposed
route, including:

  • Does your proposal require access to the road network;
  • Does your proposal require access to the public walking track/path;
  • Can the proposed vehicle operate in open space;
  • Where do you propose to operate your potential ticket box/station.

Provide details on how the proposed experience will provide access for patrons of all abilities.

Garaging Requirements:

Provide details on garaging/storage.

Selection Process:
Closing Date for Submissions
Friday 24 September
Shortlisting of Submission
Monday 11 October
Presentation to Council*
Monday 8 November
Candidate Appointed
Tuesday 23 November

*Short-listed candidates may be required to present to Council at a workshop, further
detailing their proposal.

For additional Information and to address your submission:

Geoffrey Dobson
Convention and Arts Centre Director
[email protected]
145 Rooke Street
Devonport TAS 7310

Closing Date:
Friday 24 September 2021