Council to consider Expression of Interest for use of the former Devonport Regional Gallery


Council to consider Expression of Interest for use of the former Devonport Regional Gallery

The Devonport City Council at its October meeting will consider an expression of interest from a peak Tasmanian arts organisation to relocate their operation to Devonport.

RANT Arts is currently based in Launceston. They act as a creative producer, facilitator, administrator and advocate for the arts.

Nathan Tucker, Co-Director of RANT, presented an expression of interest to Council for the relocation of RANT from Launceston to Devonport. RANT specifically approached Council for the use of the former Devonport Regional Gallery at 45-47 Stewart Street.
The premises have been vacant since November 2018, when the Gallery relocated to the paranaple arts centre.

RANT manage a number of specific arts projects, devised to increase capacity within regional areas, and provide community cultural development opportunities for people living in regional communities. Key priorities for RANT include regional arts, youth arts and health, and disability and wellbeing in the arts.

RANT’s relocation to Devonport is seen as an opportunity to leverage the benefits an independent arts organisation would provide the City. Benefits include raising the profile of Devonport as an arts active city; provision of support and resources for local artists and activators to deliver cultural activity; delivery of innovative arts projects focussed on the community engagement and participation; and, facilitation of pathways, partnership and communication channels for the creative industries and young people in the region.

The benefits directly align with a range of aims identified in Devonport City Council’s 2009 – 2030 Strategic Plan, including the aims listed under Goal 4, Building Quality of Life.

The expression of interest will be considered at the Council Meeting on Monday 26 October 2020.

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