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Devonport Regional Gallery permanent collection EOI


Devonport Regional Gallery permanent collection EOI

Devonport City Council invites expressions of interest (EOI) from individuals or organisations to undertake a complete valuation of the Devonport Regional Gallery’s Permanent Collection of artworks.

Council requires a suitably qualified valuer, preferably recognised as an Approved Valuer by the Cultural Gifts Program.

Council will preference a valuer that can provide a valuation of all segments of the collection, or a valuer who will manage the valuation and sub-contracting segments of the collection beyond their experience to suitably qualified individuals or

Unless otherwise unavoidable, Council does not wish to coordinate multiple contracts to undertake valuations of specific items or segments of the collection.

Collection overview:
The Devonport Regional Gallery (DRG) Permanent Collection consists of over 2,600 objects and over 80,000 photographic negatives, acquired between 1974 and 2021.

To view and download the detailed Collection Summary click here.

Valuers will be provided with access to the catalogue of works, including digital and hardcopy records pertaining to maker, materials, date or period, scale, provenance, and condition.

Council can provide a comprehensive spreadsheet, generated from PastPerfect (Collection Management software) and previous valuation records. Council will endeavour to provide additional information on request.

On-site visitation is strongly encouraged, and should be considered as part of a submission.

The Devonport Regional Gallery is located at the paranaple arts centre, 145 Rooke Street Devonport, Tasmania.

Please address your submission to:
Geoffrey Dobson
Convention and Arts Centre Director
[email protected]
145 Rooke Street
Devonport TAS 7310

Please provide details of your experience and capacity to undertake the valuation. Likely period of completion and estimated fee.

Council has a preferred completion date of 15 June 2021, to align with reporting requirements. 

Please provide details as to whether you can complete a valuation of all segments of the collection as detailed in the appendix, manage the valuation by undertaking a portion of the valuation and sub-contracting the remainder, or whether you are proposing to undertake a valuation of only certain segments of the collection.

Selection criteria:
Council will assess each submission based on the relevant information provided, with consideration given to:

1. Whether you can undertake a valuation of the whole collection, or part thereof

2. Estimated fee

3. Experience

4. Capacity to deliver

5. Estimated likely completion period.

Closing date: Friday, 26 February 2021.

Media contactGeoff Dobson | Convention and Arts Centre Director  

paranaple arts centre | 0419 505 838 | [email protected]