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Devonport public recycling bins boost

A photo of two people (woman on the left and man on the right) standing near a public recycling bin. Checking out some of the Devonport City Council’s new recycling bins are Devonport Mayor Annette Rockliff and Council’s Technical Support Supervisor Michael Mouat.

Devonport public recycling bins boost

Devonport City Council’s public recycling has received a boost with the introduction of 17 bins in the CBD, Victoria Parade, Mersey Bluff, Fourways and Valley Road.   


Devonport Mayor Annette Rockliff said the new bins are a welcomed addition to Council’s waste management and should stand out to members of the public with signage providing guidance on what items can be recycled. 


Cr Rockliff said the $30,000 project received a $8,650 grant from the Cradle Coast Waste Management Group and features a combination of fixed wheelie bins and the full surround bins (as pictured) for higher profile locations. 


“This is a great initiative that aligns with one of Devonport City Council’s strategic goals which focuses on living lightly on our environment, and a practical way to do this is to help increase recycling,” Cr Rockliff said. 


“Encouraging our community to be more mindful of their waste disposal is an important step in positively reducing their carbon footprint. 


Cr Rockliff said while 90 per cent of the bins are new, some were former waste bins that have been repurposed as recycling bins. 


Collection frequency will take some time to work out as use between sites will vary a lot and we encourage members of the public to please be patient while we get this right,” Cr Rockliff said. 


The success will be monitored over the next few months by Council’s waste management crew and pending its success the intention will be to carry out additional projects in the future to increase the bin numbers. 


“This will include eight more pairs of bins in the new Waterfront Park as that progressively opens to the public. 

The new public recycling bins are located at: 


Rooke St Mall (2)

• Outside the paranaple arts centre (1)

• Market Square (1)

• Victoria Parade, car park area (4)

• Aikenhead Point BBQ shelter (1)

• Bluff Road car parks (2)

• Bluff Playground (1)

• Bluff Lighthouse car park (2)

• Fourways (2)

• Valley Road (1)

Media contactTahnia Creedon | Communication and Engagement Officer

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