Reg Hope Park – Slab and Services for Shopfront at Julie Burgess

Currently there is no location to provide visitors to the Julie Burgess an opportunity to view/purchase memorabilia.  By relocating a small transportable container to the location, it will give the opportunity to advertise and promote the Julie Burgess and allow stock of souvenirs for sale on site

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Reseal Program 2020/21

Asset planning has identified that an allocation of approximately $700,000 is required to renew assets that will reach end of life in 2020/21.

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Seat Replacements – William Street (Fourways)

Remove old seating in the Fourways and replace with new low maintenance seats to match colours of recently renewed planter boxes

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Signage Strategy Actions

Project Name:                     Signage Strategy Actions Proposed Status:                Construction in 2019-20 (and annually) Previous Status:                  no change Proposed Budget:              $25,000 Project Objective:              Implementation of …

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Spreyton Primary School Crossing

Traffic queues occur around the school entry and crossing at start and finish of school day. Travelling by car to school has a significant impact on traffic congestion.

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State Vehicle Entry Point Project – Stage 1

This project represents the commencement of works associated with the Spirit of Tasmanian arrival point in East Devonport. The project is proposed to be fully grant funded, with other works being delivered in partnership with TasPorts.

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Stormwater improvements 200 Steele St

 The project involves the renewal of the footpath, addition of kerb to direct water, installation of a stormwater pit, kerb access ramp renewal and driveway reinstatements.

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Stormwater Outfall Risk Management Program

 Work is identified throughout the year from asset inspections and public requests.

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Street Light Provision 2020-21

This allocation is required for replacement of pole assets and to provide new street lighting poles where a need is demonstrated.

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Transport Minor Works Program

This allocation is required to address low cost items that are identified throughout the year.

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