Devonport Oval – Clements Street Entry Renewal

  Project Name:                     Devonport Oval – Clements Stret Entry Renewal Proposed Status:                Construction in 2019-20 Previous Status:                  Not previously listed Proposed Budget: …

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Devonport Recreation Centre Laundry

Devonport Warriors Basketball Club lease the units attached to Devonport Recreation Centre and currently use one of the units for laundry facilities. By providing a small laundry they can then utilise the unit that is currently used as a laundry for rental purposes.

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Don Memorial Hall – installation of public toilet

This project is to construct two unisex public toilet cubicles (an ambulant toilet cubicle and a disability toilet cubical) with a baby change facility under the Don Memorial Hall utilising existing plumbing to provide public amenities for patrons using the Don Reserve walking track, Dell Luck reserve and future Don Rail Trail.

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Don Reserve Path Renewal – Aquatic Centre to Best Street

Asset renewal and improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists along shared path. Path is due for renewal; the edges are breaking away and has uneven surfaces. This path is very high use for both pedestrians and cyclists.

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Don River Rail Trail

To provide a recreational path between the Don Hall and Tugrah Road. Provides a link to Tugrah Road only a short distance from one of the entry points to the Kelcey Tier Greenbelt. 

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Fenton Street and Stewart Street– Intersection Safety Improvements

Four injury crashes have occurred at the intersection in the last five years. Crashes involved two vehicles colliding at a 90-degree angle after one driver failed to give way.  The crash data at this intersection has been monitored for several years. 

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Forbes Street Overpass – West Side Guard Rail Works

A lack of barrier terminals was identified as a medium risk in a 2013 Asset Inspection Report.  Most other risks identified in this report have been addressed

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Forbes Street Renewal – Bridge to Burrows Crescent

  Project Name:                     Forbes Street Renewal – Bridge to Burrows Crescent Proposed Status:                Construct in 2019-20 Previous Status:                  No change Proposed Budget: …

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Highfield Park – New Path (East to West)

As identified in the Highfield Park Master Plan adopted in April 2018, action 3.6 is to provide a linking path from the East to West.  This will link the two most accessed entry points to both existing and future facilities.

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Hiller Flora Reserve – Park Furniture Renewal

These assets are currently in poor condition with some no longer utilised. Observations on site indicate that the park furniture along Lawrence Drive is utilised well while the furniture internally is underutilised with some areas overgrown as the area has matured

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