POS Don Resere Playground 2 2

Don Reserve – Playground Renewal

This playground was installed in 1997 and is far beyond its nominal useful life of 10 years. 

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POS Don Reserve Pedestrian Rail Crossing Upgrades

Don Reserve Pedestrian Rail Crossing Upgrades

This project will upgrade the approach, crossings and signage at the three Don Reserve crossings, noting that other operational work may be required to close off informal and unsafe access points.

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1920POSDon River Rail Trail

Don River Rail Trail

To provide a recreational path between the Don Hall and Tugrah Road. Provides a link to Tugrah Road only a short distance from one of the entry points to the Kelcey Tier Greenbelt. 

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TRANS Don Lovett Sorell intersection upgrades

Don/Lovett/Sorell intersection upgrades

Since the installation of traffic signals in 2012 at the intersection of Don Road, Lovett Street and Sorell Street a significant number of crashes has occurred. The crashes cover a wide range of crash types and modes of transport, including a motorcyclist, a pedestrian, and light vehicles.

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EDFC change 2

East Devonport Football Club changerooms upgrade

The project involves the construction of new changeroom facilities to encourage the involvement of more women in the sport.

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TRANS Electric vehicle charging station2

Electric Vehicle charging station

Electric vehicles are becoming more common on Tasmanian roads, and as their number increases, so will the benefits to the community. Council received funding from state government undertake and funds allocated is council contribution is to complete the project.

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Girdlestone Park lighting

Girdlestone Park Lighting Upgrade

The project involves the design and construction of lighting to regional training specifications.

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1920POSHighfield Park New Path East to West

Highfield Park – New Barbecue Shelter

This action is to install basic shelter with single electric barbecue and water supply for cleaning purpose. The facility will increase the utilisation of the park by local families and provides an area for food preparation for those without other options

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STORM Hiller and Smith stormwater improvements

Hiller and Smith Streets stormwater improvements

 This allocation is required to reduce the risk of flooding in Smith and Hiller Streets and to provide drainage discharge points.

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BUILD Horsehead Creek New Toilet Block and Link Path ILLUSTRATIVE ONLY

Horsehead Creek – New Toilet Block and Link Path

Construction of a single accessible unisex toilet including link to existing path network.

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