Street Light Provision 2020-21

Project Name:                     Street Light Provision 2020-21

Proposed Status:               Construct in 2020/21 (and annually)

Previous Status:                 No change

Proposed Budget:              $25,000

Project Objective:              Asset Renewal

Project Justification:       This allocation is required for replacement of pole assets and to provide new street lighting poles where a need is demonstrated.

Project Scope:                    Work is identified throughout the year from asset inspections and public requests




Current Works & Projects

Waterfront Park – Sound and Light Show

The Sound and Light Show will be located within the LIVING CITY Waterfront Park.  It is designed to capture the visitor market to Devonport with the show to provide both an infotainment and educational experience.

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Current Works & Projects

Highfield Park – New Barbecue Shelter

This action is to install basic shelter with single electric barbecue and water supply for cleaning purpose. The facility will increase the utilisation of the park by local families and provides an area for food preparation for those without other options

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Current Works & Projects

Hiller and Smith Streets stormwater improvements

 This allocation is required to reduce the risk of flooding in Smith and Hiller Streets and to provide drainage discharge points.

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