Stormwater improvements 200 Steele St

Project Name:                     Stormwater improvements 200 Steele St

Proposed Status:               Construction in 2020/21

Previous Status:                 No change

Proposed Budget:              $58,000

Project Objective:              Asset upgrade

Project Justification:       Regular flooding to property 200 Steele St occurs during heavy rainfall due to surface runoff from the roadway. The stormwater capacity(underground pipes)in the Ronald Catchment does not meet Councils required 10% AEP capacity as confirmed by the hydraulic model, which leads to overland flow in the kerb and channel. The existing footpath upstream of 200 Steele St grades back towards private properties and since it is lower than the kerb and channel, overflow ends up being directed towards private properties.

Project Scope:                   The project involves the renewal of the footpath, addition of kerb to direct water, installation of a stormwater pit, kerb access ramp renewal and driveway reinstatements

STORM Stormwater improvements 200 Steele St 1