Project Name:                     Southern Rooke Street – Streetscape Enhancement

Proposed Status:                Construction in 2019-20

Previous Status:                  Not previously listed

Proposed Budget:              $50,000

Project Objective:              Maximise utilisation of newly created space in road at intersection of Rooke and King Streets

Project Justification:         One of the key issues raised by stakeholders prior to the construction was the need to draw people to the southern end of Rooke Street.  A space has been created which is 25m x 6m on the west side of the King St intersection which has great potential to be centrepiece of Southern Rooke Street

Other than paving, this work was left out of the road renewal project as there had not been enough specific consultation on how this space should be used.  A ‘blank slate’ was considered the best short-term option, to allow ideas to be developed in conjunction with stakeholders

Project Scope:          There is a wide variety of options for this space, which might include:

  • Public art
  • Permanent street furniture
  • A rotation of temporary installations
  • Space for featuring products on offer from Southern Rooke retailers

The preferred approach will be determined through consultation