Current Works and Projects

Capital Works Program 2020 – 2021

The Devonport City Council has announced a capital expenditure program of more than $25 million as  part of its 2020-2021 Budget.

A total of $15.56 million has been allocated for new capital works, in addition to over $10 million in works funded in the current Budget which will be carried forward into the 20/21 financial year.

The LIVING CITY Waterfront Parkland project will account for almost half of the new planned capital expenditure, with Council contributing 25 per cent of the allocated $8 million and the remainder coming from promised Federal funding.

Download your copy of Council’s Forward Capital Works Program below.

Current Works and Projects

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Please note some dates may change due to weather conditions and changes to the works program.

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Kiah Place – Playground equipment renewal

This playground was installed in 1996 and is far beyond its nominal useful life of 10 years.  Steel components were repainted in 2015 but the critical elements have now reached end of life.

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Maidstone Park Lighting

 The existing lighting does not meet the current standards for training and creates issues for stakeholders including underutilisation of the ground due to substandard facilities and excessive wear on the small well-lit areas of the field.

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Maidstone ticket box renewal

Supply and install a new ticket box suitable for the Maidstone Park facility, providing  two serving windows and one access door.

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Melrose Road – Morris Road intersection improvements

This section of Melrose Road is narrow but subject to some use by heavy vehicles.  Morris Road is also used occasionally by heavy vehicles and is unsealed, meaning gravel can be deposited on the curve of Melrose Road. 

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Mersey Bluff Bin Compound

The work will improve the visual amenity by shielding the bins from public view.

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Mersey Bluff Caravan Park – Accessible Amenities

The lack of accessible facilities may put additional pressure on Council’s existing accessible facilities at the rear of the Surf Club.

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Mersey Bluff Inclusive Playground

The project will provide new inclusive playground equipment between the current two playgrounds in the Bluff plaza.

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Mersey Bluff Precinct – Traffic, Pedestrian, and Parking Improvements – Stage 2

The projects to be undertaken will improve safety, increase parking and improve pedestrian accessibility in the area.

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Mersey Bluff Precinct – Traffic, Pedestrian, and Parking Improvements – Stage 3

The priority projects for 2020/21 are to provide a pedestrian path along Bluff Access Road, kerb ramps/ wombat crossing on William Street near Bluff Road and William Street intersection and indented parking on Bluff Road

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Mersey Main Road Stadium Crossing

Existing refuge island is inadequate to protect vulnerable road users as they attempt to cross busy Mersey Main Road against a peak traffic volume of 14,000 vehicle per day.

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