Project Name:                     Oldaker (East) stormwater catchment upgrade – stage 1

Proposed Status:                Construct in 2019-20

Previous Status:                  No change

 Proposed Budget:              $1,000,000

 Project Objective:              Increase piped capacity in Oldaker East catchment and discharge stormwater safely to Mersey River.

Project justification:         Analysis of the existing stormwater network has identified that there is a risk from flooding to people and property in this catchment.  Delivering the project as part of the development of the waterfront park will ensure value for money and reduce the risk of flooding of the redeveloped area.

Project Scope:                     Increase capacity of existing system through the construction of new stormwater lines in Rooke Street, Formby Road and through Roundhouse Park to the outlet into the Mersey River.