Project Name:                     Middle Road Pedestrian Facilities

Proposed Status:                Construct in 2019-20

Previous Status:                  Previously listed as future

Proposed Budget:              $60,000 (including 50% external funding)

Project Objective:              Provide safe crossing points for pedestrians crossing Middle Road

Project Justification:        Middle Road is a busy arterial road in Devonport with over 8,500 vehicles per day. The speed limit is 60km/h.  Students and carers from the School of Special Education use this area.  Crossing point to be provided along the 750m length of Middle Road between the Bass Highway and Stony Rise Road

The priority of this project has been increased as it has strong support from Devonfield, the School of Special Education and is a candidate to attract 50% external funding

The project will only proceed if the external funding can be secured

Project Scope:                     Construct new crossing points, likely to be median refuge islands. Line marking and signage would be included in the project