Mersey Vale Memorial Park – Signage Upgrade

Project Name:                     Mersey Vale Memorial Park – Signage Upgrade


Proposed Status:                Construction in 2020/21

Previous Status:                  Held over from 2019/20

Proposed Budget:              $30,000

Project Objective:              To upgrade existing signage and provide wayfinding throughout Cemetery

Project Justification:         Mersey Vale Lawn Cemetery has burial plots spanning over 11 hectares with multiple zones that are not all identified in sequence – this can make it difficult for visitors to navigate.   The recently constructed Memorial Garden, Children’s Pavilion and the progressive expansion of the modern burial system adds to the wayfinding needs.

The proposed project addresses two actions from the MVMP Master Plan:

  1. “Install an information kiosk at office (new technology)”
  2. “Improve access throughout the site by way of directional signage”

 Project Scope              May include:

  • Interactive signage and search facilities at MVMP Office
  • Lawn numbers signage
  • Road signage
  • Burial plot row signage