Project Name:                     Mersey Bluff Precinct – Traffic, Pedestrian, and Parking Improvements – Stage 2

Proposed Status:                Construction in 2019-20

Previous Status:                  Not previously listed

 Proposed Budget:              $265,000

Project Objective:              Improve amenity of Mersey Bluff Precinct

Project Justification:         Council resolved to “…consider during the 2019/20 budget deliberations, the allocation of funding in the 5 year forward works program for the remaining study initiatives.”.  Work on pedestrian improvements on Bluff Road and signage improvements are scheduled to be completed in 2018-19.  There are 16 recommendations from the consultant study that are yet to be funded.  These include projects to improve safety, increase parking and improve pedestrian accessibility in the area

Project scope:                     The priority projects for 2019-20 are proposed as:

  • Install roundabout on Bluff Access Road at car park entrance
  • Improve pedestrian access between BSMC and Coastal Pathway
  • Signage associated with the above projects