Mersey Bluff Caravan Park – Accessible Amenities

Project Name:                     Mersey Bluff Caravan Park – Accessible Amenities

Proposed Status:                Construct 2020/2021

Previous Status:                  Held over from 2019/20

Proposed Budget:              $75,000

Project objective:              To provide accessible amenities at the caravan park

Project Justification:         Currently any guest at the park with a disability is directed to the facilities at the Surf Club which is less than ideal given the distance involved and the challenges Council face keeping these facilities at an acceptable standard of cleanliness during peak use periods.

The lack of accessible facilities recently came to a head when a large contingent of para athletes stayed at the caravan park while competing in the Devonport Triathlon.

A lack of suitable facility will potentially limit the growth available to the caravan park and possibly to the Devonport Triathlon.  It may put additional pressure on Council’s existing accessible facilities at the rear of the Surf Club

It is expected that Council’s investment would be matched by the park operator constructing accessible cabins.  This may facilitate a marketing niche for the operator, increasing visitor numbers.

Project Scope:              Construct an accessible amenities block including toilet, shower and change facilities in the vicinity of the existing block