Project Name:                     Mary Binks Wetlands – Path Upgrade (Stage 1)

Proposed Status:                Construction 2019/20

Previous Status:                  Future

 Proposed Budget:              $35,000

 Project Objective:              Asset renewal and upgrade

Project Justification:         The newly renamed Mary Binks Wetlands is a linking path between Mary Street and Caroline Streets, East Devonport, and is used as a route to the Recreation Centre and Girdlestone Park

The path is used by residents of the aged care centre next door and by parents pushing prams and is a popular area for viewing fauna and flora. The existing path is made up of compacted gravel and boardwalks. During the winter months this path can become difficult to traverse due to puddling and soft edges. Upgrading this path to a sealed surface will improve access and reduce maintenance in the long term.It is proposed that this project be brought forward following the renaming of the wetlands in honour of Mary Binks

The upgrade of the paths would improve accessibility for park users, including residents of the adjacent aged care facility

Project Scope:                    It is proposed to complete in two stages with the first  stage being the most direct path.  An asphalt path of 1.5 to 2m wide would be appropriate