Project Name:                     Lovett Street Soccer Ground – Ground Renovation

Proposed Status:                Construction in 2019-20

Previous Status:                  No Change

Proposed Budget:              $182,000

Project Objective:              Allow increased utilisation of main ground

Project Justification:         In August 2014 Council resolved to “include a major upgrade of the ground surface as outlined in option 2 as part of the five year works program” (Min IWC5/14 refers)

The increased demands on the playing surface, including fixtures in the FFA Cup, require the ground to be available as often as possible.  A key aspect is to ensure the ground drains quickly as this prevents damage during games and training

Project Scope                   Proposed works (outlined in the 2014 report) include installation of subsoil drainage and sand banding. Sand banding is a process of installation of subsoil drainage and sand trenching that allows water to escape from the surface and subsurface allowing for the field to hold up under wet conditions