Installation of Public Recycling Bins

Project Name: Installation of Public Recycling Bins

Proposed Status: Construction in 2020/21

Previous Status: Not previously listed

Proposed Budget: $30,000

Project Objective: Waste diversion

Project Justification: A large portion of waste collected in public places is recyclable, including plastic and glass bottles, cardboard and paper. Currently, this material goes to landfill, which is avoidable by providing public recycling bins ‘side by side’ with waste bins.

Recycling bins are incorporated into the design of the waterfront park.  However, it is unlikely be cost effective to travel specifically for the collection of a relatively small number of bins.  It is therefore proposed to roll out public recycling bins in high profile areas and in areas where volumes of recyclable material are generated and disposed, including Rooke Street Mall, Fourways, Mersey Bluff and Market Square.

This project strongly aligns with objective 2 of Council’s Waste Strategy 2018-2023: “Reducing the amount of waste to landfill by increasing the recovery and recycling of resources across all waste streams.”

Project Scope:              Install public recycling bins in priority locations