Project Name:                     Fenton Street and Stewart Street– Intersection Safety Improvements

Proposed Status:                Construct in 2019-20

Previous Status:                  No change

Proposed Budget:              $415,000

Project Objective:              Reduce likelihood and severity of crashes at the intersections

 Project Justification:      Four injury crashes have occurred at the intersection in the last five years. Crashes involved two vehicles colliding at a 90-degree angle after one driver failed to give way.  The crash data at this intersection has been monitored for several years.  The recent installation of signals at nearby Fenton/Steele Streets does not appear to have had an impact on safety at Fenton/Stewart Streets, so an infrastructure response is required

External funding has been secured for this project

Project scope:                The construction of a roundabout is a proven treatment to reduce likelihood and severity of crashes at a cross intersection.  This is likely to involve new pavement, seal, footpath links, traffic islands and service relocations