Don River Rail Trail

Project Name:                     Don River Rail Trail

Proposed Status:                Construction 2020/21

Previous Status:                  Commenced in 2016/17

Proposed Budget:              $140,000 (contingent on a 50% contribution from grant funding)

Project Objective:              To provide a recreational path between the Don Hall and Tugrah Road

Project Justification:       Provides a link to Tugrah Road only a short distance from one of the entry points to the Kelcey Tier Greenbelt.  The trail will promote the use of Council’s existing network of paths and trails and acts as a pedestrian link between Tugrah and Don, which currently has poor footpath connectivity

Forecasts made in 2016 estimated between 18,000 and 36,000 trips would be made on the trail per year

External funding was secured in 2016, but the project was unable to proceed due to extensive delays with the land acquisition process.  It is proposed that a submission be made to the next round of the Tasmanian Community Fund. The project will only proceed if external funding can be secured

Project Scope:   Subject to finalisation of property acquisition, it is proposed that the trail be constructed with natural materials.  Some areas of the trail require consolidation to repair erosion.  Wayfinding and interpretive signage will be included, acknowledging the history of the trail