Devonport Road reconstruction – McLeod Avenue to Saleyard Road

Project Name:                     Devonport Road reconstruction – McLeod Avenue to Saleyard Road

Proposed Status:               Construct in 2020/21

Previous Status:                 No change

Proposed Budget:              $1.1 million

Project Objective:              Asset renewal

Project Justification:       Devonport Road is an arterial road with 6500 vehicles per day with 13% heavy vehicles.  It is a critical freight route as well as a commuter and tourism route.  The pavement, seal and kerb assets are in poor condition and require renewal.  Previous works to extensively patch and reseal have only realised a short extension of life.  The best course of action is full replacement with the pavement and seal designed for current and future demand

Project Scope:                     The proposed reconstruction includes full depth pavement dig out, subsoil drainage on both sides of the road and reinstatement of seal for the full width of the carriageway.  The next section, Saleyard Road to Bay Drive will be constructed in 2021/22 with estimated budget of $800,000