Devonport Recreation Centre Laundry

Project Name:                     Devonport Recreation Centre Laundry

Proposed Status:                Construction in 2019-20

Previous Status:                  Not previously listed

Proposed Budget:              $15,000

Project Objective:              Provide a laundry area for units located at Devonport Recreation Centre

Project Justification:         Devonport Warriors Basketball Club lease the units attached to Devonport Recreation Centre and currently use one of the units for laundry facilities. By providing a small laundry they can then utilise the unit that is currently used as a laundry for rental purposes.

There is not a return on this investment for Council based on the current lease.  However, the club would be able to increase its income from subleasing the unit currently used as a laundry.

Project Scope                       Installation of a concrete slab with plumbing, laundry trough and connections for a washing machine, covered by a garden shed type structure is proposed.

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