Coastal Pathway Contribution – Part 2

Project Name:                     Coastal Pathway Contribution – Part 2

Proposed Status:               Construct in 2020/21

Previous Status:                 No change

Proposed Budget:              $1  million

Project Objective:              Asset addition

Project Justification:       Council has committed $1.6 million over two financial years to the Coastal Pathway to match the 1/3 contribution from each of the State and Federal Governments.  Latrobe and Central Coast are also contributing 1/3 of the cost associated with the pathway in their areas. Council’s commitment will allow the construction of two missing sections of Coastal Pathway – Ambleside to Latrobe, Don to Leith. Council’s contribution in 2020/21 will go toward the completing the Ambleside-Latrobe section and the construction of the Don-Leith section.

Project Scope:                   The delivery model of the Coastal Pathway involves the coordination of the project by the Cradle Coast Authority with input from the three councils.  The overall project includes four sections of the pathway between Latrobe and Sulphur Creek.  It anticipated that Council’s contribution in 2020/21 will go toward the design and construction of the Ambleside-Latrobe section and the design of the Don-Leith section.

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