Church Street Stormwater Catchment Upgrade

Project Name:                    Church Street pipe upgrade

Proposed Status:               Construction in 2020/21

Previous Status:                 No change

Proposed Budget:              $350,000

Project Objective:              Asset upgrade

Project Justification:       The objective of this project is to reduce the risk of flooding and  mitigate against sea level increases by improving the stormwater network in this catchment

Project Scope:                     The aim is to increase capacity of existing system through the construction of existing stormwater lines in Church Street. It is proposed to upgrade the line including installation of new manholes and detention basin




Current Works & Projects

Bluff Headland – Handrail replacement and extension

The southern part of the path has a handrail, but a risk assessment has recommended that the handrail be extended to reduce the risk of falls. In addition, the existing handrail is approaching end of life and should be renewed at the same time.

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Current Works & Projects

298 Bellamy Road stormwater improvements

The project involves construction of new headwalls both upstream and downstream and extend the pipe downstream.

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Current Works & Projects

Mersey Main Road Stadium Crossing

Existing refuge island is inadequate to protect vulnerable road users as they attempt to cross busy Mersey Main Road against a peak traffic volume of 14,000 vehicle per day.

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