Art Acquisition – Biennial

Project Name:                    Art Acquisition – Biennial

Proposed Status:               Purchase 2020/21

Previous Status:                 No change, annual allocation

Proposed Budget:              $15,000

Project Objective:              Asset addition

Project Justification:        Historically, the Gallery has been provided an acquisitions budget that has biennially been allocated to Tidal City of Devonport Art Award. The acquisition budget assists the Gallery develop its Permanent Collection of contemporary Tasmanian art, with all acquisition requests being endorsed by the Devonport Regional Gallery Advisory Board.

The Permanent Collection provides a vital resource to develop and curate exhibitions for the Gallery’s annual program. The Collection is traditionally classed as a cultural asset, and therefore non depreciating.

Project Scope:                  Complete acquisition of new collection item




Current Works & Projects

Wright Street renewal – Tarleton Street to John Street

 The pavement, seal and kerb assets are in poor condition and require renewal.  Wright Street is a critical transport link between the Port of Devonport and the Bass Highway.

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Current Works & Projects

Reseal Program 2020/21

Asset planning has identified that an allocation of approximately $700,000 is required to renew assets that will reach end of life in 2020/21.

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Current Works & Projects

Coastal Pathway Contribution – Part 2

Council has committed $1.6 million over the next two financial years to the Coastal Pathway. It anticipated that Council’s contribution in 2020/21 will go toward the design and construction of the Ambleside-Latrobe section and the design of the Don-Leith section.

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