Draft Disability Inclusion Plan 2020-2025

Disability affects one in four Tasmanians – 25.8% of the population or 131,700 people.

People with disability experience significant disadvantages when it comes to employment, education, health and well-being.  Disability inclusion means making sure that everyone has the same opportunities to participate in every aspect of life to the best of their abilities and desires.

The Disability Inclusion Plan supports the Devonport City Council’s commitment to build an engaged community which promotes and values diversity and equity.

The aim of the Plan is to ensure that the full range of Council information, services and facilities are available to all community members.

In the Plan are several actions identified by people with disability, community stakeholders and the Devonport City Council.

Their input can be found in the Consultation Outcomes Report.

We want to hear from people with disability, carers, and interested community members about whether these actions can make our city better for everyone to live in or visit.

Your feedback will be used to finalise the Disability Inclusion Plan.

We will not disclose any of your personal information.

You can provide your feedback in the following ways:

  1. Complete the on-line survey here
  2. Print and complete a paper copy of the survey here
  3. Print and complete an Easy Read version of the survey here
  4. Email your comments directly to Council, council@devonport.tas.gov.au

A hard copy of the survey can also be collected from Council’s offices, Level 2 paranaple centre, 137 Rooke Street, Devonport.

Feedback closes 5 p.m., 31 January 2020.

For further information contact:

Carol Bryant
Executive Officer
03 6424 0517
Monday, Tuesday and Thursday only

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