Minor & Major Community Grants Application

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  • Note: Community Grant applications will be accepted from Friday 15 July to Thursday 25 August 2022

  • Confirmation of Eligibility

  • Before completing this application form, please read the Community Grants Guidelines available from the Council website at https://www.devonport.tas.gov.au/live/your-community/grants/major-minor-grants/ 

    Please contact the Council’s community development team on 6424 0511 or by emailing [email protected] to discuss your application prior to lodgement.

    I confirm, as an authorised representative of the organisation, that:

    •          I have read and understand the Community Grants Guidelines

    •          the project is located in Devonport of benefits Devonport residents and has not already commenced/been completed, or already received funds from the Council to complete

    I also confirm that the organisation:

    •          is a not-for-profit organisation, or

    •          is an incorporated association, or

    •          does not owe any reports or money to the Devonport City Council as a result of previous grants, agreements, or fees and charges

    •          has the appropriate type and level of insurance for the activities that are the subject of this grant, and

    •          owns the land and/or facility, or has documented evidence of permission from the owner, to complete the project at the specified location

  • Organisation Details