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Council suspends parking fees

The Devonport City Council has decided to immediately suspend all parking fees in its car parks and street meters until further notice in response to COVID-19 pandemic.

The Council on Monday night determined to establish a COVID-19 Response Committee which met for the first time today.

Committee Chairperson, Cr Leon Perry said Council was mindful of recent health advice to avoid using cash for transactions where possible and considered the removal of parking fees was one way it could help people remain safe.

It was also recognised as an immediate step Council could take to assist local retailers in all our shopping precincts across the city.However, he asked parkers to be mindful of the reliance that local businesses have on rotational street parking and to limit their use to the time they actually needed to undertake their business.

“Council is relying on community members to be responsible and to not see this as an opportunity to park for free all day outside their business or place of employment.” he said.

Free parking is not illegal parking and restrictions to disability parking, loading zones, taxi ranks, etc will still apply as will the existing applicable time limits.

Mayor Cr Annette Rockliff said Council was continuing to monitor the latest health advice and any changes to its operations would be shared with the community across its website and social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter


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