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Council extends support to local sporting clubs


Council extends support to local sporting clubs

Council has extended its support of local sporting clubs to include user groups of the Devonport and East Devonport Recreation Centres.

Until 31 December 2020, Council will halve the fees to regular users of the facilities and will also continue to be responsible for user utility costs, to support them through this recovery phase.

The Mayor, Cr Annette Rockliff said Council had been mindful of the financial strain placed on sporting clubs by COVID-19.

“These clubs provide essential support to many within our community and Council is keen to provide them some assistance as they begin to restart programs and rosters,” she said.

Cr Rockliff said user groups would not need to take any action to access the support.

Council’s COVID-19 Response Committee determined earlier to provide financial support to ‘outdoor’ sporting clubs by  waiving ground fees for the 2019/20 winter season. The Chairman of the Committee, Cr Perry, noted that Council is  mindful of providing equitable support for the ‘indoor’ sporting community through this time.

“In its desire to equally support indoor and outdoor clubs, Council’s decision to take responsibility for utility costs, along with incurring additional cleaning costs at the indoor facilities, was considered appropriate. The outdoor clubs receiving waivers for rental and ground charges will continue to pay their own utility costs over the next six months,” he said.


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