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Call for Portal entries to showcase Boxing Day moments

The public is invited to take part in this year’s Portal community photography exhibition.

Call for Portal entries to showcase Boxing Day moments

Calling all photography enthusiasts – the annual Portal community exhibition is back, with this year’s capture day being Boxing Day.

Devonport City Council’s Convention and Arts Centre Manager Geoff Dobson said participants are encouraged to share a moment from their day, with entries showcased at the paranaple arts centre foyer gallery space from 20 January until 23 February 2023.

Mr Dobson said the Portal exhibition has occurred since 2013, with community members enjoying a glimpse into each other’s lives and connecting through their shared stories.

“The aim of Portal is to capture the variety of experiences on the North West Coast in one day, so we’re asking people to think about what their Boxing Day looks like and to capture that moment,” Mr Dobson said.

“The exhibition creates a sense of community, belonging and identity in our North-West community. We see ourselves in each other’s stories and how we create the place, together.

“We hope that the choice of capture date will give us a window into the moments and personal rituals on a day of relaxation and celebration, and the places they take place. We imagine family walks on the beach, new toys being played with, lazy days at home and Boxing Day sales.”

Featured Portal 2021 artist Kelly Slater encouraged people to take part in this year’s exhibition.

“I hope sharing the way I have been getting to know the river through my lens helps others to be more mindful of the river as both mundane and sublime,” she said.

“Rivers are a life force of cities and culture, and we should care about what happens around ours.”

To register your interest in this year’s Portal email [email protected] by 22 December 2022.      

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Media contact: Tahnia Creedon | Communications and Engagement Officer | Devonport City Council | 03 6424 0562| [email protected]