Stormwater Management – FAQ

What You Need to Know About Managing Water Outflows From Your Property

Illegal Stormwater Connections

Council are in the process of investigating illegal stormwater connections within the sewage system through such processes as smoke and dye testing and CCTV. As illegal properties are identified, a Notice is issued by Council, which remains on the Title until such time as the matter has been resolved.

If you are unsure of your property’s sewage and stormwater connections and locations, contact your local plumber.

How can stormwater enter the sewerage system?

One way is through water seeping into sewerage pipes and manholes through cracks or bad joints. Another way is where water enters via properties and breaks in Council mains into the sewerage system.

What are the risks if my property’s stormwater is connected to the sewerage system?

If you are discharging your stormwater into the sewerage system you run the risk of sewage backing up and spilling out into your house or yard during heavy rains.

Will fines be issued for illegal connections?

While Council has the right to prosecute under the Sewers and Drains Act, it understands that in many cases the illegal connection may have been made before the current owner purchased the property.

Residents are asked to be proactive and make the necessary changes as soon as possible as these issues affect the whole community.

Fines will not be issued at this stage, but will be considered if illegal connections are reconnected in the future.

How can I tell if I have an illegal connection?

Sometimes it’s hard to tell, but in many cases you can see downpipes carrying stormwater from the roof which point into the sewer gully trap or grate outside.

Often, there will be sewerage pipes such as those from laundries and/or bathrooms.

If you are unsure of your properties sewage and stormwater connections and locations, contact your local plumber.

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