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Short Stay Accommodation

The Short Stay Accommodation Act 2019 (SSAA) came into effect on 4 June 2019.

Further information on the SSAA can be accessed via the following link to the Government’s Planning Reform website:

In summary the SSAA:

  • Requires short stay premises providers to supply certain information on their property to the booking platform provider before their premises is listed on the booking platform;
  • Requires the booking platform provider to display on the platform the relevant planning permit number for the property, or a statement that a planning permit is not required, or that the property has existing use rights;
  • Requires the booking platform providers to supply information on the short stay accommodation listed on their platforms to the Director of Building Control at the end of each financial quarter;
  • Allows for the information collected to be supplied to planning authorities and other State Service departments for the purposes of ensuring compliance with planning and building requirements, for the analysis of the impacts of short stay accommodation on housing, and any other means prescribed by regulation; and
  • Creates enforcement powers for the Director of Building Control and penalties to ensure short stay premises providers and booking platform providers comply with the requirements.