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Mobile vending

What is mobile vending?  

Mobile vending is an individual, organisation or business selling or offering goods for sale (including food) from a mobile vehicle (for example a food van, food truck, coffee van, ice cream truck) on a public street, reserve or carpark. 

Devonport City Council recognises that mobile vending can add vibrancy to the City. However, Council is also aware that they need to manage the competing needs and interests of local business, residents, consumers and users of the facilities.

Anyone wishing to use public roads, reserves or carparks for mobile vending requires Council approval (Mobile Vending Permit). 

Mobile vending is regulated under the Vehicle and Traffic Act 1999 and Council’s Reserves, Parks and Gardens By-Law. The requirements for mobile vending are outlined in the Mobile Vending Guidelines.

The guidelines have been developed to assist operators to apply for a permit for mobile vending and to comply with the requirements of the permit.

An online booking system is utilised to enable mobile vendors to book pre-approved locations, dates and times (subject to availability).

The booking system enables all vendors to have fair and equitable access to their preferred location/s and that one operator does not monopolise a particular location. If it is found that vendors are making bookings that are not used preventing other vendors from being able to book locations, then Council reserves the right to cancel the Mobile Vending Permit. 

For further information or advice, you can contact Council’s Environment Health Department on 03 6424 0511.